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May 27, 2020

Renovating your bathroom with senior living in mind

If your bathroom is outdated and in need of a renovation then this is the perfect time to prepare your bathroom for the future. Even if you’re not at that stage in life yet you can still plan ahead for when you are.

The good news is that nearly all of the elements that make for an easy to use well functioning bathroom, suitable for seniors or for those with mobility problems are also the most popular elements of a modern stylish bathroom. So the perception that a seniors bathroom needs to look like something out of a hospital is a thing of the past.

Let's go through some of these elements:

Level entry tiled showers

Whether you are on stumps or a concrete slab it is possible to lower the floor level and provide for a level entry shower with no step. This eliminates trip hazards and provides easy access to the shower. Not to mention it looks seamless and is easy to clean.

Depending on the space available in the bathroom this can either be done with a frameless shower panel which provides for a walk in shower, or a shower screen with door can be used.

Wall niches

Tiled wall niches in the shower or beside a bath are the must have item in a new bathroom. They provide a place at easy reach to keep your shampoos, soaps, sponges and other items. No need to have these on the floor, or install shelves that stick out from the wall which you can bang into. They can be tiled with a feature tile to create a stylish element to the space. They can also be made to any size so depending on the space available they can be made to suit.

Tiled shower seats

If you have the space, building a seat into the shower is very useful. Being able to sit down while you shower can make life a whole lot easier for the older age group or for anyone that may injure themselves or have back or leg problems.

Shower rails

Shower rails are another must have, they either come with a single hand held shower or as a twin shower with both an overhead and handheld. These showers are great as the height can be adjusted, they can be removed from the rail and as described be hand held so if you need to sit on the shower seat while showering you can do that. Not to mention they make cleaning the shower so much easier.

Mixer taps

Changing your old tapware to mixers is a must, while renovating the entire bathroom is the time to do this as the plaster needs to be removed to alter the plumbing to suit. For those with arthritis or limited strength in their hands mixers are considerably easier to use. (keep in mind if you have an old gravity fed hot water unit then this would need to be updated at the same time, the majority of mixers are not suitable for use with gravity fed hot water units)

Overheight toilets

Overheight toilets are as the name suggests a toilet that is higher than standard. This makes sitting down and getting back up that little bit easier. A standard toilet is approximately 400mm from the floor to the top of the pan, an overheight suite is normally anywhere from 440mm - 460mm.

Mirror cabinets

Mirror cabinets are definitely back in fashion, they come in many different forms these days. They can match the size of the vanity, be round, have LED lighting and have built in power points. Whether they are recessed into the wall or non recessed in the case of concrete or brick walls. They provide storage at eye level which eliminates the need to bend down and search for items in the back of the vanity cupboards.

All draw vanity units

For many of the same reasons as the mirror cabinets, vanity units with pull out drawers make accessing items much easier.

There is a range of vanity units these days that come in an all draw option, they can be wall hung or floor mounted. Come in a variety of colours and styles.

Grab rails

Even if you are not ready to install grab rails at this stage, during the renovation is the perfect time to prepare for them. Making sure that framing is done in readiness for when they are installed. 

There are some stylish grab rails on the market these days, these can be built into the shower rail or come with a built in toilet roll holder or towel rail. They come in colours, for instance if you are having black tapware you can install black grab rails.

There is a range of vanity units these days that come in an all draw option, they can be wall hung or floor mounted. Come in a variety of colours and styles.

Luxury additions

Undertile heating

While undertile heating isn't a must have it is a nice addition, especially for those who may for one reason or another take that bit longer to shower. A bathroom after all is normally one of the coldest rooms in the house. So if you are going to be spending that bit more time in there having a warm floor, even in the shower would be lovely.

Floor heating is much more affordable these days and cost efficient to run. And what better time to put it in than when the room is completely stripped out.

Heat lamps

Heat lamps again fall into the same category and have the same benefits  as undertile heating. They have also become very popular again and come in a range of stylish options. Providing a combination of LED lights, fan and heat.


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