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April 14, 2020

Our top 13 bathroom features

The list we have put together for our top 13 bathroom features is based on feedback from our customers and the items most often selected.

The features most important to the majority of our customers is based around the shower. The bigger the better, easy to clean and enjoyable to use. This is where level entry tiled bases, frameless shower panels, niches and rail showers come into their own.

Storage would run a close second, if you watch The Block and it seems that most of us do. We would have heard Shaynna Blaze mention face level storage or storage in general more times than we can remember. So mirror cabinets are a must have and wall hung vanity units with stone tops both cover storage and design.

After functionality is looks, this is where black tapware and fittings, pendant and feature lights, mirrors and tiles make their mark. Let's face it black just doesn’t seem to go out of style. I have heard the saying recently that “black is the new grey”, there have been so many grey bathrooms in recent times but black has definitely made a comeback in the popularity stakes.

We then move on to the items that are becoming more popular. Underfloor heating was once considered a luxury but as it is far more cost effective and easy to install during the renovation process it is being included more often. LED lighting strips add a design element and a practical aspect to the room.

Sensor activated taps and soap dispensers have for obvious reasons in the current climate become a must have to protect the health of the home owners and their family. Sensor taps used to have a very commercial look but things have changed. Now if you are to visit a newly built or renovated shopping centre or hotel you will find designer touchless fittings in their bathrooms. Now you can have the same function in your home.

Let's move on to the things that are lovely to have if your budget will allow and add those finishing touches. Skylights for added natural light, bathrooms tend to be designed to be on the side of the home that doesn't have the benefit of maximum natural light. They can be small dark rooms. Plantation shutters finish off a room, they allow the use of clear glass to see out but have the ability to be angled for privacy.

We can't finish without mentioning the must have tech items for bathrooms of the future or the present. We can now have bathrooms that are automated, have built in bluetooth speakers and voice activation lights, taps and touch screen mirrors where you can access your calendar and daily schedule. If we were to put this list together again in a few years time these items will probably have moved their way up to the top 13!

So now here are our lists:

  1. Level entry tiled shower base
  2. Tiled wall niches
  3. Mixer taps
  4. Mirror cabinets
  5. Wall hung vanity with stone benchtop
  6. LED downlights
  7. Rail showers (single or double)
  8. Frameless shower panel for walk in shower
  9. Heat lamps
  10. Freestanding back to wall bathtub
  11. Towel ladder (heated or non-heated)
  12. Back to wall toilet suite
  13. Black - tapware, lights, mirrors, shower screen frames, trims and feature tiles

Gaining in popularity:

  1. Underfloor heating
  2. Pendant or feature lights
  3. Feature mirrors
  4. LED sensor lighting strips (niches, mirror cabinets and base of vanity)
  5. Sensor taps and soap dispensers

Other inclusions to consider:

  1. Skylights
  2. In-wall toilet suite (concealed cistern)
  3. Plantation shutters
  4. Tallboy for added storage
  5. Featured tiled or timber walls

All things tech:

  1. Built in bluetooth speaker system
  2. Japanese inspired smart toilets
  3. Voice activated lighting and temperature controls
  4. Deluxe bathroom controller to set water temperature and automatically fill your bath
  5. Smart mirror with touch screen and voice activation


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